September 10, 2021 | 3:00 PM

Good news! For Musang King lovers in Indonesia, because PT Mulia Raya Agrijaya presents the latest product from MyDurian. namely MyDurian Musang King Single pack (100gr) and called as #CemilanalaSultan.

MyDurian Musang King Single pack (100gr) is a frozen Musang King durian fruit product in single pack packaging that can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. This MyDurian Musang King Single pack (100gr) is imported directly by PT Mulia Raya Agrijaya with premium quality and packaged with vacuum technology and freezing durian fruit is also done at low temperatures, without additional preservatives to maintain the taste of the fruit and maintain the nutritional value of the fruit. civet king durian.

For those of you who are curious about #CemilanalaSultan or MyDurian Musang King single pack (100gr). You can visit the official online store of PT Mulia Raya Agrijaya exclusively at Something Fresh Jakarta and Bekasi via the Website:, marketplace and via WhatsApp 0813-7783-8295 or also available at your favorite fruit shop😊

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