January 1, 2022 | 9:36 AM
Our dearest Mulia Raya Group community 
2021 - what a year. We went through a full on roller coaster ride - from multiple lockdowns with fuzzy restrictions, global supply chain remains to be a nightmare, and the delta outbreak ('nuff said). Yet, 2021 was also a year of great continuity with our long-term (or lifetime) partners. 

Though there were many bleak moments, we are still very thankful and blessed that we are here today. Healthy and well. Some highlights:
- We welcome new members to the family: Six new principals.
- Activated two state of the art systems: Warehouse Management System and Salesforce®. 
- Sales milestone for McCain Foods (pssst.. we tripled our volume in 12 months).
- 3% growth for Fonterra (Anchor).
- 15% volume increase for Zespri SunGold.
- Double digits growth for 43South Tasmanian Cherries in 2021 season (real numbers sealed, in case our frenemies read this, the fruit industry is cut throat hehehe).

While the world might look a bit different today, some things are still just as important - as we stand today, prouder than ever to provide our customers and partners with world class products and produce. 

There were many twists and turns along the road, but the one constant and the greatest gift of this year is our partners and community. We hope that 2022 will allow us to continue surfing on this positive wave, go back to our roots of serving our customers and partners well at all times, and hopefully share a meal or two with you again.

-- Bella, a tired yet motivated GM inspired by the tireless effort of our team and partners during this "special" time. 

** Covid-19 Intermezzo **
I, along with a few members of our team, experienced COVID-19 first hand. Was it like "the flu"? Yes-ish, but add chest pains, loss of taste/smell, difficulties in breathing and fatigue (even until now - post covid, hello) into the mix. Was it terrifying? Yes. Do not recommend 0/10. So please, wherever you are.. get yourself the COVID jab and mask up. High vaccination rates will save lives. 

We are keen to interact with readers, so please share your feedback and comments to [email protected]
We are very excited to announce that Mulia Raya Agrijaya Group is now fully integrated with Salesforce®.
This integration means that we are now officially pretty cool and real-time. "Salesforce is considered as a source of truth for all sales related data in CRM" - and this is exactly why we invested (a huge lot) in this system. We want to be transparent. We want to get real, concrete sales data. Not only in pretty spreadsheet form but full-blown analytics with insights to customer behaviour, sales efficiency and business development. This is not only for our benefit but for our partners' as well.
Our sales team is now equipped with a Samsung tab - pretty nifty ey!
Busy, busy times!
Over the last few months, we have been busy to say the least. We welcomed six new Principals into the MR family. Crazy times!
- Ebinoya: 🍤World's best ebi furai (we might be slightly bias).

- Gustosa: 🍕Frozen Italian style pizza with premium toppings. We cannot say no to good pizza! 
- SAF: 🌾If you're a baker, you definitely know these guys. French yeast manufacturer since the 1800s. 
- Bungasari: 🎂Premix and premium quality flour for your baking needs. 
- Bola Deli: 🍰Castor sugar and various flour for traditional cake.
- Coconut Island: 🍹Refreshing, healthy canned drink for this humid weather. 
You can find these products at the nearest supermarket or head over to our online shop here.
Indonesia is massive. There is no way we can reach everyone (not yet anyways). While we work on expanding our infrastructure, we have appointed a number of sub-distributors to help us be closer to our customers. They're champions within their own backyards; they know their areas well and we simply do not. We have appointed sub-distributors in Aceh, Padang, Batam, Bangka and Lombok regions.
The new age: Meet the leadership team!
We have been pretty busy - integration, transformation, overhaul, re-structuring, repeat. This global pandemic is not going to stop us; we are encouraged to step up and be better.. it taught us to be nimble, at all times. 

The "new age" leadership team is ready to inspire, collaborate and deliver an even stronger MR team to service our customers and partners better. However, we are still the same Mulia Raya that you know from 30-ish years ago. A vibrant, family owned business.. just with younger generation and nifty technologies! 

Meet them here.

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