Highlight of Mulia Raya 2022

December 29, 2022 | 1:12 PM

Our dearest Mulia Raya Group community
Oh, hello there! Some of you might be surprised as to why you get this newsletter – you’re receiving this because you’re a valued partner to Mulia Raya. We hate spam as much as you do, and we promise not to spam you with unnecessary emails (and I simply only have time to write one newsletter a year!).

We all thought 2020 and 2021 were hectic – well, 2022 presented us with other types of challenges; despite mental and physical exhaustion, weird lockdown rules and shutdowns, and global supply and logistics issues, we got a lot done. Our resilience (including you, yes you!) is impressive. The last three newsletters have been about how COVID has impacted all of us – let’s change the narrative a bit, shall we?

Let’s focus on the future, and the recovery of our economy (hopefully).

Our business evolution continued in 2022. Building on what we are good at – providing Indonesians with great quality produce, products and services. We delivered some remarkable new products to the market; innovative and yummy dessert yogurt, long shelf life milk specifically made for baristas, and opened a logistics company to name a few. Our portfolio growth in 2022 was deliberate – we’ve planted the seeds and put in the hard yards, hopeful that we can see our work flourish in the new year. We know our identity, and what is right for us and will continue to leverage that.

In saying that, we’re not the perfect golden child - we make mistakes and will learn from them. Changes can be difficult and painful (growing pains) - thank you to our partners for sticking with us through it all. I know we (specifically me) can be a bit grumpy and difficult at times.

2023 will give us other kinds of challenges – but that’s a problem for next year! We made it out of 2019-2022 relatively alive and well. So for now, I’m going to take a bit of a break before the back-to-back festive rush; catch up on Netflix’s original series and re-watch Hallmark Christmas movies. If you have any recommendations, please flick them through!

Since we’re only doing this once a year - let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe, jolly festive season! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Ramadhan, Easter, lunar new year, waisak or all of the above, I hope we can all have a safe, jolly and healthy 2023. Whatever happens tomorrow is a new day, the sun will rise and we will try again.

We are keen to interact with readers, so please share your feedback and comments to [email protected]

Mulia Raya Group Annual Sales Conference 2022
We flew 30+ managers to Jakarta for intense, fruitful 3 days of brainstorming, story-sharing, and laughter. 2022 was intense but 2023 will be filled with growth, challenges, and more growth!Mulia Raya’s vision is to become the “best distributorship partner for cold-chained FMCG products”. It’s a big vision, hence we need to pull our heads together, write out our roadmap and re-align our strategies to achieve this big vision. We know it’s not impossible and we are confident with the team and partners we have now, we can do this.It was not all serious and business talk though; banters were thrown and received, dress up dinner with drool-worthy prizes and delicious dinner was served.

Mulia Raya is proud to announce that we have been awarded ISO 9001 certification, an internationally recognised standard that ensures we operate in a global standard. To become ISO9001 compliant, we underwent a thorough evaluation process that included developing and implementing a robust quality management system. This achievement and certification further demonstrate that we have thoroughly defined procedures in place across our business.

Congratulations to everyone involved - on to the next certification!


Mulia Raya is pleased to announce a new sister company, PT Mulia Tangguh Persada (MTP), an independent cold-chained logistics company in anticipation of growth in the market for this niche need. Through MTP, Mulia Raya aims to expand our value-added services offering to our customers and partners with high-quality, cost-competitive logistics service.

Officially opened and operating on the 23rd of March 2022, MTP is now serving a diverse range of customers; from pharmaceutical to food service companies nationwide. We are looking to expand double (or even triple!) our current 11,000 pallet position capacity in the next 18 months.

Learn more about MTP here.

Rockit Global Impact Award 2022

We are proud and humbled to be acknowledged by Rockit for our achievements across the sales and promotion of Rockit Apples!

Not going to lie, we are (still) very shocked - this is our first partnership year with Rockit and we brought home mini Rocky!

Alex, Mark - if you’re reading this.. thank you

New Principals!

Big names in the food service industry - we welcomed Van Houten, Lessafre, and Kopi Kenangan to our portfolio this year. They’re new names for Mulia Raya but definitely familiar brands to all.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Mulia Raya is completing and complementing our in-house branded products to supplement your food service and retail needs.

Grandairy - We see a need in our customer base where chilled storage is an issue; hence, we produced and released a shelf-stable foaming milk for barista professionals. ☕
Satomi - Butter-flavoured margarine with a milky texture. It tastes, smells, and feels like butter.. but it’s not. Butter quality at margarine pricing. 👍🧈
Yoseo - Cheesecake yogurt and topping series. Our first of many dessert-to-go snacking concepts. 🥛

Food Hotel Indonesia 2022: Flavour Ground

For the first time in 30 years, Mulia Raya Group opened our very first booth at this year’s Food Hotel Indonesia - for you fruit people, its as big of a deal as Asia Fruit Logistica!

We created a fun space for our partners and brands to showcase their products - from free sampling, cooking demonstration, product launch and menu ideation.

Thank you to our partners for the support and free goods! Watch the highlights video here.

New sub-category: Baby and toddlers 🐣🍼

Two words: Pandemic babies

According to a Nielsen report, the baby/kids section is growing rapidly. The Gen Z are becoming parents and they like to spend.. especially on their babies! Its a completely new territory for us but we are confident that we have partnered with the right brands in growing this category. Keep your eyes peeled online and offline!

Check their Instagram here and here.

Bananas sound ap-peeling!

So.. we’ve re-dipped our toes into growing and the production of bananas. We had our first round of harvest - not great but not too bad either. Our goal is to pack 10,000 boxes per week - we didn’t exactly reach those numbers, but we’re slowly learning!

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