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PT. Mulia Cipta Rasa

Sonia - Sosis Dunia


SONIA produces a variety of sausages and processed meat adapted from various parts of the world such as Bratwurst from Germany, Kielbasa from Poland, and others.

Made from quality ingredients, using natural spices. Instantly edible, suitable for consumption by all family members. Contains high protein and nutrition. No MSG/colouring.

Our meat content is in accordance with SNI standardisation; standard 01-3820-1995: maximum water content of 67%, minimum protein 13%, maximum fat 25%, and maximum carbohydrate 8%.

PT. MULIA CIPTA RASA is committed to implementing safe, quality and halal food processing policies. In accordance with HACCP PLAN standard reference (CAC 1969, revision-4, 2003) and has been certified by Intertek (internationally accredited) and HALAL MUI.