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Mulia Dough

Mulia Dough

Made in our dedicated dough and bread factory in Bali, Denpasar Mulia Dough International (MDI) only uses the best ingredients available in the market and New Zealand pure butter for that delicious bread aroma. With our frozen dough, you'll get the same consistent, delicious pastry every time. Besides frozen dough, MDI also produces bread loaves for local hospitality entities; we provide cost-savings and value driven solutions for our customers.

Product knowledge

Frozen dough is one of the fastest growing segments in the food service industry, as it is driven by consumer's appetite for convenience and ability to eat freshly-baked products. The blast freeze method can help the product to have a longer shelf life and doesn't make the bread go stale as it does not develop freezer burn. 

“ Making five star food service products available to all ”

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