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Hijra dates


HIJRA 'deglet nour' dates are sourced directly from Tunisia and supplied by our long-term partners Boudjebel SAVACPA. As an industry leader, Boudjebel is the world leader in the export of deglet nour dates and exports other date varieties around the world. 

www.kurmahijra.com / www.boudjebeldates.com

Product knowledge

Deglet nour is a very special date variety, well-known for its superior eating quality and honey-like texture. It is commonly known as the finger of light for its translucent colour, smooth appearance and naturally elegant form. Dates is a great source of dietary fibre and high carbohydrate content, filled with good energy fruits that are easy to eat and is convenient for users; deglet nour dates can be enjoyed fresh or dried. 

“ Premium dates enjoyed by all”

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