December 31, 2020 | 1:52 PM

Dear friends,
As I write this on Christmas eve, it is inspiring to see how we are all adapting to the new normal. Over the last seven months, it has been gratifying to see how we, as a community, have adapted to this time of dramatic and unpredictable change. It shows just how resilient (and crazy) we are. We're living through unusual and trying times, this global pandemic has businesses and people feeling stressed and frightened. 

As 2020 draws to a close, we look back on the moments that made it unforgettable; from endless shipping delays to the many acts of kindness that brought out the very best in all of us. While it was a year that many of us would rather forget, we can look back with pride and thank those around us doing unselfish things to help communities. On behalf of Mulia Raya Group, I wish you a joyful festive season, a Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy New Year. Roll on 2021. 
-- Bella

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*Queue: Disney's High School Musical We're All in This Together theme song*
*Disclaimer: It's a long one... scroll through if you like*

Doing business during a global pandemic means we need to ride the peaks and troughs. So much has changed in a short period of time - the community and world around us, our gathering spaces, our work and home. During this unprecedented time, many of our partners and suppliers are looking and relying on us to move their products... especially our fresh fruit and vegetable partners. Many of our Sales Representatives' no longer "just another sales dude/lady" to our customers but also a shoulder to cry on.

A few of our business groups record a record low since the Indonesian financial crisis in 1998, some barely made it over the line and others blossom(-ish). Though the balance sheets looking a bit bleaker than usual, we are still very thankful - it really could be way worst. This is not business as usual. There is no instruction manual for how to feel at a time like this (I've ran it through Google a few times). However, if there's anything I can take away from "Eat. Pray. Love", gratitude is good for your health - focusing on the silver linings, counting our blessings and stopping to smell the roses. Celebrations we can be thankful for:
- Salaries and bills are paid on time and in full amount.
- Our fresh fruit team is moving awesome numbers of New Zealand kiwifruit for Zespri International (psstt. double digits growth from last year!).
- Online sales (Something Fresh) delivering an average of 100 orders a day! and sometime in July, pushed out 7MT (over 1000 transactions) of french fries in one single day. 
- Yoforia launched a new product range (again!) -- scroll down for updates. 
- New baking business group -- scroll down for updates. 
- Repaired the faulty boom gate... it's been dodgy for over five years - no one is "too busy" to fix it now! 
- And lastly, we are all healthy and safe. 

My list of worries right now is long. However we are trying our best to demonstrate the highest resilience to power through this period. In the meantime, let's keep safe and help others to stay safe too during this time! And oh, wear a mask please. 

Are we crazy to start a new business group during the pandemic? Yes we sure are! 

Nestled in the heart of Denpasar Bali, lays a humble building. It looks all zen and Bali-like from the outside; but once you walk in, it's like you've been transported to fresh bread heaven. Our team bake fresh bread, croissants, pastries and cakes daily - three shifts, 20 hours operation a day. To ensure tourists and staycation-ers have fresh bread for breakfast, keto buns for lunch in Canggu and bread basket for dinner.

Just another way for us to help and serve our partners better, with end to end and value added services. 
Check them out here. 
 Since we last updated you, we've released a few exciting and delicious products. Stirred thick yogurt with toppings; it even comes with a collapsible spoon. What else could you possibly want? 
Wait. There's more. The team launched a Christmas exclusive pack! Check it out here.
Yoforia is available in all supermarkets and minimarkets across the country. Spot us and give us a go!

After 30 short years of service and dedication, its time for Ko Laksen to hang up his boots. As one of Mulia Raya's very first employees, Ko Laksen is the face of Mulia Raya. 5am until sometimes way past midnight, you can find him hanging out in his station - keeping an eye on every single carton we unload and load.

Ko Laksen has been with us through thick and thin; yearly monsoon floods up to 3m high, to nation-wide 1998 riots. He knows every inch of our warehouse by heart - need to know how much capacity we have left? Call Ko Laksen. He doesn't need fancy algorithms, just experience.  
Terima Kasih Ko Laksen!

We are proud to say that we are actively engaged in our communities and environments to be a catalyst for change. Since our inception, this attitude has been ingrained in our DNA; for us, corporate social responsibility is not only a business imperative but also about contributing and giving back to the community, which makes our existence as a business more relevant. 

Our fresh fruit division made regular donations to animal shelters to ensure that animals are well fed during these difficult times. The fresh bread team distribute bread and pastries to the local community. 

Watch the highlight reels here. 

MR.MEMO #2 - We're all in this together, just 1.5m apart 👫 (

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