June 24, 2020 | 9:55 AM

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Welcome to our first ever issue! We are very excited to launch 'MR. MEMO', a newsletter to help you keep in touch with news and developments in Mulia Raya Group. In this and future editions, we will report on project updates, upcoming events, industry tips and other news.  You're receiving this 'MR. MEMO' by email because you're a valued customer and, or partner. We hate spams as much as you do, and we promise not to spam you with unnecessary email. You can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of any newsletter - no questions asked and we will remain friends.
We are keen to interact with readers, so please share your feedback and comments to [email protected].

You made it. If you're reading this now. You've seen our new, fresh website. In February, we've introduced a whole new way for our partners and customers to interact with Mulia Raya Group. This new website represents the ultimate Mulia Raya experience, personalised just for you. Our website fully redesigned and re-engineered by our friends at Kamarupa Group. 

Indonesia's food and beverage market has seen a healthy growth over the last ten years and this is expected to continue. Our team at Yoforia took the plunge and developed a new product range. Meet Activ8. A fermented milk drink with live probiotic that will help boost your immune system. Rising above the noise in a crowded field of other yoghurt and fermented milk drink is never easy. Our team at Yoforia spent more than a year conducting extensive market research, studies and testing countless ingredients. The result? The perfect drink.... for all. In uncertain times like this, we know one thing for sure - Activ8 is here to help boost your immunity. The content of good bacteria L. Casei 431 will increase body immunity through a healthy gut.

Find us at a fridge near you!

Hot off the press! One of our sister companies Mulia Boga Raya (MBR) is now listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)!
On Monday 25 November 2019, we rang the IDX bell. 'KEJU' (our ticker and also Indonesian for cheese) stock price skyrocketed so fast, it was stopped by the upper auto reject limit. Our stock price surged 50% to Rp. 1.125 per share from an initial price of Rp. 750. KEJU is the 47th comapny to be listed on the IDX in 2019 and having released 100 million new shares with proceeds amounting to Rp. 75 Billion. MBR will use all our IPO funds to support our working capital including operational and production activities.

If you have been following Mulia Raya's developments, you probably come across our online shop - SOMETHINGFRESH.ID. If you're in the Jakarta greater area, #dirumahaja (#stayathome), our team will pack and deliver your groceries and fresh orders.

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