COVID-19 Update

June 24, 2020 | 9:50 AM

It is clear that the global threat from Covid-19 is continuing to grow and in Indonesia itself, at a rapidly accelerating rate - there are now more than 4,000 recorded cases and sadly with fatality rate greater than those who recover.Since the pandemic was announced by the World Health Organisation, Mulia Raya has put measures to protect our employees, families and wider community. 

Mulia Raya is considered as an 'essential business'; thus we have continue our operations as efficient as possible, while keeping in mind social distancing and other safety measures. Our Human Resources and General Affairs Team is closely monitoring the updates around this pandemic. Since early March we have implemented the following:
- Wipe down all working spaces with disinfectant and >80% alcohol
- Expanded our work from home policy with most departments are now working in shifts
- All business trips and meetings are cancelled
- Hand sanitizers are available throughout the office and warehouse facilities
- Delivery and on-field team are equipped with personal protective equipment (i.e. face masks, gloves and face shields) 

Mulia Raya take and will continue to take precautionary measures so that we can keep providing for the Indonesian community with a lower risk factor.